You can use some functions with pressing keys, unfortunately they aren't configurable yet.

Switch program

You can switch the program with arrow keys to up with Up and Right keys and to down with Down and Left keys.

You can use the numbers to switch a given program. The keypad numbers are usable, too, if the NumLock is switched on.

You can switch to the previous program using key `Space'.

You can switch to fullscreen mode and back with the `F' key.

Take a screenshot

You can take a shot with `C'-key. The filename will be `shot'+unix time (UTC)+`-'+ counter+`.jpg' and its format will be JPEG. It will be made in your home directory.

Record TV program in an AVI file (experimental)

You can record the television program you watch into an AVI file. The output file will be called `test.avi' in the directory from where you started gnometv. Currently this feature has a lot of bugs, you need a pretty fast hdd to record without droped frames. The recorded audio is known wrong, but after 1 week trying with the sound recorder I gave it up for a while.

So if you want to try out recording after the previous paragraph you should press `V' to start and stop the recording process.